Tonga Sept. 13-26th 2011


Wow, what an over the top year for my group and the whales for both weeks!

pod on boat

The whales had informed me that this was going to be an incredible year to be of assistance for Mother Earth, the Soul Gaia and All humanity.  Little did I know just how amazing it was going to be for Us and for the Whales. 


They had also said that those who committed to working with them for the stabilization and activation of the 144,000 crystalline grids of Mother Earth as well as our crystalline grids would be gifted with a Leap in Elevating their Core Beings, their Souls.  They are fulfilling this commitment to Us, as I and others have mentioned their “New Awareness of Who They Are and Who They Are Becoming” in this New Reality that is being presented to Us. 


This has been the year of Activations it seems.  Along with having the most amazing group of Lemurian Crystal Lightworkers, each person had a special gift that they contributed to the whole with their special energies.  I am feeling so blessed to have had such evolved Lemurian’s on this trip. 


We had two Soul SiSTARS; one who brought beautiful Lemurian crystal necklaces for everyone in both weeks, while the other would channel the Beings Beyond the Rim, that would tell each of Us where to drop our extra healing that we had activated then gifted them to the Tongan waters and the whales for healing. We did this from the boat in special places that were intended to receive them.


The Whales gifted and blessed everyone each week with the New Lemurian Crystalline Codes/Life Grid Codes through my vessel/body to activate the group’s crystalline grids within their bodies.  You can read more about the New Lemurian Crystalline Codes on this site if you are interested in learning more.

celesteI was asked by Grandma Chandra, an 11 dimensional Star Being and good friend of mine, to bring in the New Lemurian Crystaline Whale Codes for Humanity during the retreat here in Kona Hawaii called “Birthing of the Golden Lemuria”.  This retreat was a blessing to the Big Island as well as all on the island with special activations and birthing energies in different sacred sites on the island.  On March 6, 2011, the Whale Codes were anchored through my body for the first time on our Beloved Mother Earth to assist humanity in waking up into a higher consciousness to “Know Who They Are and Why They Are Here”. 


My Lemurian group was the first to be activated in Tonga with the whales; it was an amazing experience for All! 

seacaveWhat was shown later regarding the activations of the New Whale Codes was that the group opened a New Portal of Light in Tonga.  The Sirian Council Of One Star Ship, that I am on as well as Being here, came through the “Portal of Light” in and out of the water transmitting tiny blue star like crystals down from the Star Ship of One into the waters to seed, heal and bless this vortex with Star Beams of Light or Crystals of Light activating the 5th dimensional Lemurian Portal of Light. 



humpThe humpback whales that we were working with our Sirian Whales sounded their songs into the 144,000 crystalline grids of Mother Earth to transmute and transform humanity on a Global level.  This was to raise humanity's consciousness through the element of the waters, which in turn activated our waters, our fluids within our bodies without most even being aware of this activity of love and light.  All humanity was able to receive these blessings from the Whales, Our Star Brothers and Sistars and Our combined group Lemurian energies of those committed Souls that were on this trip.  I am so grateful to this special group of Beings for showing up and committing to be conduits of “Lights for Healing and Serving All Humanity at this time”.  You will see each of these special ONES who participated on the Tonga 2011 page.


This was the Inner Work with the Humpback Whales that we were doing, although it wasn’t work at all, as we were enjoying ourselves and sharing with each other special moments of laughter, love and light as a Family of Light and Love, which is what 2012 is all about. 


danceNow for my personal best part of all!!   The day after we arrived happened to be my birthday, which I get to spend with the whales each year, (what a b-day present). However, the boat and captain that I have been using for years didn’t show up! I won’t go into the details, yet on my special day, We manifested a beautiful cabin cruiser from the new owner of the resort where we stayed. 


Not only that, we manifested this boat for the full 2 weeks – up until the last 3 days when one of the engines needed repair – so, on the last 3 days of our trip we manifested an even Larger, elegant boat that had 4 staterooms below, with full kitchen and patio for eating and relaxing.  Now how does it get any better than this????  Well… it did! 

mom and calf

We had a number of encounters with mom’s and babies - close up eye to eye for long periods of time - during the 2 weeks, as well as watching a heat run, this is where the males vigorously vie for the females attention like some bubblesancient ritual dance.  It can get very intense and exciting, for these males are moving in to be with her to mate and become her escort while there and on their way back to their feeding grounds in the Antarctic.  Their biological purpose is to give birth and mate during the months of July to November in the shallow Tongan waters. 


We had an unforgettable last day with a juvenile male singer that was with us for over 5 hours. That he stayed with us for so long, this is unheard of!!  Considering if we are hanging over a singer for even ½ hour, it can be a lot of energy to take in, for the sounds of the whales vibrate the core of your singerBeing into your bones.  Yes, we had this singer for all that time.  Now, as if that would be enough for one day, on our way home as we are all laying out on the bow of the boat drifting and sleeping, the captain yells, “there ‘s a mom and calf!”  You can imagine after whale song that long everyone is just trying to get up to see them, wondering how is it possible for us to get on gear and go back into the water!!  But of course we did go in with the mom and baby and ended our last day with total bliss for us all. 


Later, when we saw the pictures of this singer especially, there were so many Orbs and Spirits flying in the waters it was incredible.  We weren’t only with the whales; we were joined by many Spirits of Lemuria, blessing Us on this “Mission of Grace for ALL!”  Wouldn’t you say the whales gifted and blessed Us for Our Commitment to “BEING” there with them and assisting Humanity? 

shore2 .shore



The beauty is these blessings keep coming, as we are all still downloading our experiences.  I am so grateful to my Lemurian brothers and sistars, the Whales and the Star Beings for this incredible amazing life altering experience and the opportunity for Us to assist them in the stabilization of Mother Earth, the Soul Gaia and Ourselves, the Lemurian Bringer’s of Love and Light!  


The Whales showed me this was an exceptional year 2011, and next year, 2012, will take all that we have created, and will be creating, to assist these New Frequencies through a Doorway/Portal beyond the 5th dimension, which we have All created this year.

The Whales and I, Celeste, already look forward to next year and welcome anyone who would like to come and have an amazing fun filled week or two, to join Us in 2012 on Our New Adventure Beyond Time and Space as We Know It!!


Blessings of Love, Peace and Harmony to you!


            Swim Free in the “Light of Love” ~~~~
~~~~ Sea You in Tonga!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CELESTE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


PS. We stopped in Fiji on our way back and visited the

Here's some shots: