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Whale Trip to Mo’orea
September 11 - 18 & September 18 - 25, 2021
One or Two Weeks

tah moorea

When: September 11-18 (week one) September 18-'25, 2021 (week two)
Where: Mo’orea (Tahiti) French Polynesia 
Personal investment: $3222 (double occupancy) 1 week
Personal investment: $6222 (after discount of $222 for 2 weeks)

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (unless you fill your space):
$888 (1 week), balance by July 1 of $2333
$1400 (2 weeks) balance due by July 1 of $4444



ACCOMMODATIONS: Private bungalows for 2 people near the beautiful white sand beach only yards from these sacred turquoise waters. They all have kitchens for you to make your own breakfast, lunches and dinners if you choose. You can also go to a nice restaurant nearby. 

INCLUDES: 6 nights at our luxury resort plus one night in Papeete, Tahiti before the retreat starts. All retreat gatherings, all transfers except ferry to Mo’orea ($15 each way).

NOT INCLUDED: Airline tickets, food and ferry. Hawaiian Airlines, which flies there and back on Saturdays. Flights are from Los Angeles and San Francisco around $1400; from Hawaii, $1000 at this time.

OPTIONAL: A guided tour by my friend Max Sendtner-Voelderndorff who lives in Mo’orea, optional $70US. Max will guide you to sacred sights on this beautiful enchanting land, with temples that will connect you through communing with Mother Earth/Gaia, connecting you with the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, ascending into higher dimensions of 5 D. Lemuria!

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Orientation: Meeting one another, sharing, meditation with Nagwal and the Whales merging our Group Energies as “One,” 
Unified Field of Light!

5 boat days spent communing with the whales in laughter and joy!

Sharing our experiences after our amazing boat trips, merging our group energies with Nagwal and the whales that he has brought to us each time with have transcendent messages to experience.

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You will receive from Celeste transmissions and activations from:

Nagwal’s Cosmic Golden Ray (received 2015), He is the Master Communicator for ALL the Whales! Nagwal will be guiding our adventures each time with go out in order for us to have the Highest most amazing, incredible experiences that we are meant to have!

144,000 Crystalline Whale Codes for Hue-manity (received during the Birthing of the Golden Lemuria in Hawaii in 2011) Crystallen,the Cosmic Dolphin’s Crystal Activation, weaving with Nagwal’s Golden Ray (2017)

You will be forever changed, shifting from “Who You Thought You Were”…….to “Who You Have Become,”….. “Your evolved transfigured, transformed Being of Light at a Soul Level! 

I invite you to join me and Nagwal, the Whales, as group energies in this Grand Adventure on this Sacred Beautiful island of Mo’orea for your Soulful evolution with fun and laughter! Hope to see you in Mo'orea Sept. 2021!

Love and Light,




Nagwal, my Beloved friend is the Ancient Golden Avatar Whale, was born in 2015 that started working with me on my Tonga trip in September when he was only 1 month old! It was the most amazing experience to meet him while he was leading a charging heat run with many many males vying to mate with his mother! Never has a month old baby whale been a leader of charging males, yet this was witnessed as he showed US Who He Was~~~the Master Communicator for All the Whales! A month old baby whale is always next to their Mom, only a Master Avatar Golden Whale could do what he did! Please read below on this page for more information.

Nagwal has asked me to meet our whale friends in Mo’orea to link these two South Pacific Humpback relatives/friends together in "Union of Oneness," to further assist humanity to evolve into HUE-manity to restore Unity instead of the separation that is appearing to be bringing many into unrest at this time.


PHOTOS FROM 2020 - Top to bottom:
Celeste facilitator with Denise, assistant
Celeste's Birthday Dinner
Group in front of 'Sacred Pyramid'
Lemurian Whales Podners:
Denise, Frank, Mary, Orion, Krystal, Patricia, MaryAnn, Karen, Jessica and Inka

Please come and assist the whales and me, Celeste, to connect the Lemurian Rainbow Bridge from Tonga19.5 latitude, same as the Pyramid in Mexico 19.5, Hawaii 19.5, to Mo’orea, Heart Centered, (ley lines to the Kings Chamber in Egypt) as we create Heaven on Earth! We will then anchor these two Power points of ONENESS/UNITY into the 144,000 Crystalline Grid of our Planet to stabilize and assist All BEINGS on Earth/Gaia! If this resonates with you please let me know there is only space for up to 10 people. Please come and BE a part of the team to usher in a New Way of BEING and "Become Who We Are" and "Why We Are Here!"

About Celeste: My Soul name was given to me by Master Sha and confirmed by Kahina Kalia. My Soul name is Kai Wahine Ka Kialima, Mother and Protectress of the Ocean’s, of MU…LEMURIA! 
I have been swimming with the humpback whales for 18 years, in both the Dominican Republic 2 years and facilitating groups to Tonga this year being my 16th year. 
Nagwal and I are looking forward to meeting the whales in Mo’orea next year, Aug./Sept. 2020, as he calls me to be in this mystical place, I answer the call~~~ I am very excited to be there and hopefully with You !Look for more details coming on this web page. If interested please let me know~~~look forward to hearing from you that you are joining me in August /September 2020!








ba bab


This little guy loved us so much that he would come by us over and over getting as close as he could...


"Frisky" the baby whale from 2014

CLICK HERE to view a short video of this encounter.

(These clips are edited (thanks Douglas!) from footage captured by JoanieMac with a hand-held camera .
Music from the beloved, "The Calling" by Raphael & Kutira.)


Our 2015 Trip Photo Page


From the 2012 Adventure:

Eight (8) Goddess's of Infinity~~~~
Patti, Helen, Susan, Gina, Ingrid  (top row)
Cathi, Celeste, Jacqueline

Our trip to Tonga to swim with our Beloved Humpback Whales this year 2012 was one of the most intense and amazing spirit filled trips I have ever had the pleasure to take my group. We joined the whales in the crystalline turquoise waters of the South Pacific, one of the most sacred environments for the Moms to give birth and mate.  We had one day of BEING with a Mom and Baby in which every picture I took, one of many, were immersed within a field of "ORBS" in the water!! I have never seen or felt anything like this before, I have only seen field of "ORBS" like this in photo's that were taken on land!  I have in the past had a few "ORBS" here and there with the whales, yet this was beyond words and feelings to describe the experience.  


I asked the whales why I had the "ORBS" on my camera and the others who were also taking pictures didn't get the field of "ORB'S"? They told me it was because they wanted me to have something to show people that ORB'S ARE SPIRIT FORMS OF LOVE AND LIGHT choosing to communicate with US. There was so much LOVE in the water and my LOVE for them and they for me, this was the way that I could show people that they really do exist even if we cannot see them with the naked eye. This one day alone was Life Altering for the group and myself.  


Enjoy the "ORB SPIRIT" photo's WebGallery, if the water looks murky it is because there were so many in the water the photo's look like you can barely see the whales. In TRUTH they were right next to Us soo.....close and clear even when the photo's don't appear that way.  Mystical and Magical is the times with these Beloved Beings of Love and Light!!

A special message from our Beloved Amazing Whales of Tonga , they are asking you to come and swim with them eye to eye, heart to heart to assist you in your elevation and transformation into your "LightBodies", into Knowing and Accepting of Who You Are!!! You will BE changed at the cellular level, your crystalline matrix will BE Activated the instant you are in communication with them. You will also Be assisting the whales in shifting and changing the 144,000 crystalline grids within ourselves along with our Beloved Mother Earth, the Soul of Gaia, working Lightbody to Lightbody, human spirit with the spirit of the whales!!!! Divine Transformation beyond your imagination!!!  Come and play, laugh, expand, love, BE as you surrender into this magical, mystical spiritual environment of the South Pacific Islands for one of both weeks.


2012 was the year to ~~~BE that Reality~~~BE Me, BE You, in Actualizing and creating our "Divine Future Crystalline Selves" in the Lemurian timeline of 2012 and beyond through the Divine Crystalline Hearts, the Essence of the Mother Whales.  As We breathe, Breath to Breath, we will become ONE as we merge Our Essences; Lightbody to Lightbody. 

Please read the Tongan 2011 Adventure page and watch the videos. You can listen to a  few minutes of a juvenile male whale that stayed with us for 5 whole hours while we  just floated above his Song.  

It altered every cell in our bodies!

In 2011 our group consciousness created a "CRYSTALLINE PORTAL of LOVE AND LIGHT" as our Lemurian group created ceremonies while dropping Lemurian crystals into a Divinely guided area to release the crystals into the ocean.

The whales then sounded these crystals, activating the 144,000 crystalline grids into the Soul of Gaia. Gaia received these activations and in return transmitted the sounds directly into our Lightbodies. 

Also in 2011 we created the foundation for All those inspired Hearts choosing to enter the time line "PORTAL OF LOVE AND LIGHT" into a Reality of Love, Peace, Compassion, Joy, Harmony "ONENESS for All Life Living on and off our Beloved Mother Earth, Gaia and beyond with Our STAR Brother's and SiSTARs.”

If you feel drawn to "Move through this incredible "PORTAL OF LOVE AND LIGHT" I would love to have you join me in creating Our Future Crystalline Selves together in the timeline of "2012 Lemuria"!!! 

Blessings to you All and may you Be Blessed with love, peace and harmony!
See you in Tonga!!!!


Film trailer by Kathleen Carr


(Click to See Full Story & Videos of the Tongan Adventure)



Aloha Whale Podners. It's that time of year in Hawaii that our North Pacific Humpback Whales are here! This is when they connect me with Our South Pacific Humpback Whales in Tonga. Both the North and South Pacific whales are telling me the same thing for this year 2012. We have been going through many changes in these last few years, yet this is the most significant year for changes for Us and our Beloved Gaia, Mother Earth.

Are you ready to step into the Lemurian frequencies once more? Gaia and the whales are asking for All those committed "Hearts" to come together in assisting Her as well as Us in the most elevated experiences we will ever have in the history of our planet to date! The whales are the Akashic Record Keepers, We have an opportunity here to serve humanity! When we assist in global evolution, We serve the deepest part of our "Souls"! As We merge with the "Higher Whale Heart" the blue/green Lemuria Heart, we have the incredible opportunity to Shift Our entire "Physical Bodies" into that which we have come here to do to BE THAT WHICH WE ARE, Spiritual Beings in a physical body moving into "Lightbody"!


The whales will assist Us into Our Expanded Elevated Hearts, our Lemurian Hearts while merging with the whales in our "Lightbodies"! Lightbody to Lightbody we will be able to activate and assist Beloved Mother Earth and the 144,000 crystalline grids of the planet evolving Her, Us and All Humanity!! Wow, how fantastic is that!!

If this sounds like work believe me it isn't we are experiencing and joyfully sharing on these high dimensional levels while having the most amazing and sacred, life altering, joyful, fun filled experiences in bliss!! To top it off we are in the most beautiful crystalline waters of the South Pacific swimming eye to eye with these loving, nurturing mom's, babies and escorts (males)!! It doesn't get any better then this!!!

eyesIf you resonant with this incredible adventure and would like to journey into "Who YOU Really Are" please contact me below. This experience will Change Your Life into Bliss!!!Oh, yes this photo is me with my camera not right next them, I was truly swimming beside this mom and calf. Yes, there are two whales the mom is beside the calf you can see her rostrum (nose) coming out more than the calf's. These are the Gentle Giants of Love, Compassion, Nurturing, Joy and EXPANSION!!!





Hope to see you in Tonga ...


What Participants Are Saying...

"The trip to Tonga with Celeste was so much better than I could have imagined. Everything about the trip was well thought out and well organized. Celeste is fun, funny, and pure positive energy.  We all felt like family. My most memorable experience was seeing a mother whale rise in front of our group in the water. I asked her if we could please make eye contact, and she turned around and swam just 5 to 6 feet in front of us. Can it get any better than this?!"


I highly recommend taking a journey with Celeste & the Tongan whales, as it will be the kind of experience you will never forget. It was life-altering for both me and all those in our group. Celeste is not only intimately connected in with the whales but what is being asked for at this time during our planet's major shift. So we all worked as a group to accomplish all that was being asked for from both the whales and higher beings of love & light . . . as well as receiving beautiful attunements and tonings from the whales. And I highly recommend spending some extra time in Vava'u, as it's gorgeous and Tongans are very friendly and warm spirited.
- Ginger, Hawaii


heart rate changed and my breathing, deeper, then shallower, and the download I was given how the Whales actually heal the Earth... This is most profound and I am grateful and honored that the Whales felt me important enough to share this with me so I can in turn share with others which I have with so many so far....thinking of Tongan waters again....  Love and Light,  Gina




What an experience to swim with the humpback whales of Vavau in the Kingdom of Tonga. There are truly no words that can say or express the feeling that you have about being in the presence of these beautiful beings. I believe the sound of the SINGER whales says it all ! It was amazing to be part of two beautiful groups. It was a dream come true.
love to you SiStar,






2014 TRIP
2012 Trip
2011 Trip
2009 Trip
2008 Trip
2007 Trip
2006 Trip
2005 Trip

These gentle ones migrate from Antarctica, a journey of 6000 miles, essentially to calf and to mate.

We will stay on the island of Vava'u, being a world class location - ( 1.5 hrs. from Fiji and 1.5 hrs. from Samoa and 3 hrs. from New Zealand). It is small resort, on a white sandy beach, only a few steps from the surrounding crystal turquoise waters. VaVau is reknown as both a sailing paradise and one of the worlds great sailing centers. It is also regarded as the water based nature lover's paradise and the most scenic region in the Kingdom of Tonga!

As you visualize yourself entering the pristine turquoise waters, you are carefully greeted by the most amazing beautiful Being, between 35 and 40 ft in size! It glides near or under you and as sending its essence of unconditional love, expanding you to unbelievable heights of bliss. Along side this gentle one is her baby, who curiously envelopes you with love as they grace you with their presence.

Now you are eye to eye with these Beings of Immense Love...sharing the joy and delight in these life altering encounters. As your eyes meet you are transformed Forever!








Activations: See below (for travel, accommodations, etc. for more information regarding these activations that will be gifted to you.)

Nagwals Activation,"Cosmic Golden Ray."
Whale Activations: "Crystalline Whale Codes"
NEW: "Crystalline Platinum Ascension Rays"


Celeste, Nazakaa and Nagwal are excited to invite you to join them in bringing a special group of Mer people to Tonga to meet Nagwal, a " Golden Cosmic Master Avatar Baby Whale” that was born last   September 2015, as well as his Mother Nazakaa, a “Divine Cosmic Whale.”



In 2014, we were so fortunate to have Nazakaa slowly travel towards US, to move past, then turn sharply nearly coming nose-to-nose with us while transmitting High frequency vibrations of Pure Unconditional Love, Light, Compassion and Joy, while nurturing every cell of our bodies. She continues to work with each of my most wonderful group today, and invites you to come and meet her and Nagwal for a Grand Union and Reunion in September 2018.

Celeste’s Soul’s mission is “Mother of the Oceans, Protectress of Mu,
Lemuria, the cetaceans, whales and dolphins."

We are here, myself and the group to work with the "144,000 Crystalline Grid" of our Beloved Gaia/Earth, helping to stabilize and shift Humanity into there True Essence. 

This year 2018 was about high energy and expansiveness, we will be shifting from the Old of 2017 where we were learning about our “Power” with No More Secrets, to Knowing our “Truth.”

We are moving from the Old “Obstacle Course” to a “Playground” that we don’t have to build! We are creating our New Reality in ever moment!

The whales are saying:

These are times of dynamic creation! Turning away from the old ways of seeing ourselves, to taking action, taking our work out into the world! 

“It is time to go for it! We must get all our parts together, to co-create with Spirit; we will be doing this collectively. We will have more assistance from the Higher Realms that are working with the Us, the Whales.”

As we go into the “Unknown” the Essence of fulfillment, fantastic rewards, riches, radiance and recognition are in the Ethers~~~ to Receive, Embody and Reset ourselves!

Stepping into our “Brilliance” and stepping out, while showing up! 

The whales say:

“We will be shifting into Our Soulfulness, as we find the places where our “JOY” is hiding, we find the resistance and let it go!!!"

Nazakaa, our Divine Mother Whale will be working with Us in our “Dreamtime,” and assisting our movement to the 5th Dimensional Lemurian timeline, as we become “Our Authentic Self.”
What a joy it will be to join Nazakaa and Nagwal this September.

They will be waiting for us on the beautiful island of Vava in the Kingdom of Tonga along with many other amazing humpback whales that will be there to greet us.

Who are these whales?

They are Great Cosmic Beings assisting in our transformation, transfiguration into transmutation of our Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit!

Nazakaa, is a powerful Divine Cosmic Mother Whale, who in 2014 came nearly nose-to-nose with our group, baby by her side. She transmitted Pure Unconditional Love, Light, and Compassion, nurturing every cell of our bodies. She has continued to work with our group and would now like to invite YOU to come and meet her.

Nagwal, A Golden Cosmic Master Avatar, who in Ancient times on another time line, its last embodiment was much larger then the Blue Whale, has chosen once again to incarnate on Mother Earth/Gaia.

In 2014, we had the privilege of witnessing the most beautiful dance with this coupling of the South Pacific Humpback Whales. The male was stationed directly over the female in perfect sync, performing for us so very close, never losing the delicate balance between them. This was the most sublime example of the merging of the male and female into Oneness!

We watched Nagwal’s parents dance and perform, to then dive deeply beneath us to mate, to reappear with such Joy and Exuberance as they breached with bliss of having conceived a “Cosmic Master Baby Avatar.” We didn't realize until I asked Grandma Chandra if he was going to be a "White Whale," she said, "No, he is the first Golden Whale to come onto the planet to assist humanity as this time!"
Nagwal will be 4 years old Sept. 2018, a juvenile. Please read the beginning of Nagwal’s journey onto the planet on my 2014 retreat to see who he is and why he has embodied on the planet in Vavau!

What was so wonderful is that from this mating of these two Beloveds a New Golden Cosmic Master Avatar was born!

I have been working with these baby avatars since they started being born in 2011. These are Sirian Avatars that are so special; their Essence is so transformative when you are in their Presence. Now YOU will be able to experience the “Golden Cosmic Master Baby Avatar,” this to me is an experience of a lifetime!

I was very blessed to have a very special friend who is an animal communicator on my trip that also witnessed the dance. Madeleine was gifted with this information regarding our baby “Nagwal’s” birth. 

This is so special and to think these two Beloveds transferred their Essence of Pure Love to Us. Nagwal was chosen to be born of these incredible Cosmic Beings, to embody its Essence of Love, Light, Compassion, Purity of Heart and Ultimate Joy, sharing its Essence with those who will be present.

Our Nagwal," who according to Grandma Chandra, is a "Ancient Golden One" coming to help humanity, as a very High Vibrational Ascended Master Communicator for the Whale Group Consciousness. The whales, I and my group will be working in the 5th Dimensional frequencies of Lemuria with Nagwal and his other whale friends with the 144,000 Crystalline Grids of Beloved Gaia/Mother Earth.

In 2015, my group and I were able to meet Nagwal for the first time, he was only 1 month old. One sunny, calm day, became the perfect day to meet Nagwal, for our weather was being affected by El Nino, we were happy to have a calm day. We saw a lot of activity starting to happen, we decided to pursue to see what was happening. As we approached closer, I couldn't believe my eye's, for out in front of this "heat run" was our 1 month old baby Nagwal leading the pack of charging male's to mate with with Nazakaa, the mother. There were 5 or 6 males coming under, behind, in front surrounding our boat, trying to become the escort that she would pick to mate with. We sat and watched for it seemed like an unless amount of time at this awe inspiring activity! 

What was incredible and unbelievable to me, as well as the Captain and other's in the group that were familiar with a heat run, was that Nagwal seemed to be in charge of all that was going on!! Now, you have to realize that a 1 month old baby is normally right next to his mom, yet he would dart out, going between all these charging males. It appeared that these males knew who he was and made sure he wasn't hurt!! Most amazing sight, as well as my Captain remarked, that we had ever seen after this year being my 11th year working with these Sirian Whales.
When things started settling down, we got into the water, except for my good friend who wasn't feeling well that day. The miracle happened at that moment, for he was letting her know that he was Nagwal. I was in the water communicating with him and mom, when all of a sudden I felt a bull or male whale come under me quickly, as well as one to my side to get to Nazakaa. I was distracted by this and when I looked up Nagwal had disappeared!! 

My friend shared with me that while I was in the water, he had circled around me and started breaching many times in front of her saying, "I am Nagwal, I am Nagwal, I am Nagwal!" What makes this even more important is that my friend can be the most doubting of such things and it was she that he choose to show himself too, only to her and our Captain, as the rest of us were in the water watching the whale show that was going on. Also, at the same time the heat run was happening, there were many whales out further breaching all around us, to me they were all saying, " he has arrived, our New Master." I, the Captain and all of us witnessing this inspiring, fantastic, adventure with Nagwal knew without a doubt that it was him. We knew we would find him and we did!! We were all so blessed as well as All Humanity is now blessed because of this fantastic Cosmic birth. 

It will be very interesting to observe and communicate with him again, as well as with all the other Beloved whales.

The whales say:




You will be receiving transmissions of “Nagwals Golden Cosmic Rays” and the “Crystalline Whale Codes for Humanity” and added this year 2017 was the "Crystalline Platinum Ascension Rays." These are BONUS GIFTS for you from Celeste. This gives you the opportunity to do other things such as kayaking, venture into town or rest.

NAGWAL, the Ancient Cosmic Master Avatar, invites you along with his Whale Messengers to come and experience these activations and to join me in the crystalline turquoise waters of Lemuria in Vavau, Tonga. We had an amazing year once more this last September, happily seeing and nearly swimming everyday with these Gentle Giants of the Sea~~~

We will swim with these Beloved Whales Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart as We embrace the Unconditional Love that these Gentle Giants transfer to Us. This life altering experience will leave you feeling the “DIVINE ESSENCE OF ALL THAT IS.” 

This is what you will energetically receive whether you come one week or 2 weeks in exchange for your commitment to yourself and assisting humanity with the guidance of the Whales~~~ Hope to see you in Tonga! 


Love and Light to you,

Celeste, Nazakaa and Nagwal



What participants have said:

Celeste’s gentle kindness and attentiveness has made swimming with the South Pacific whales my most memorable adventure so far. Sharing space and time with these miraculous beings has been wonderful. My soul will always feel the vibration and splendor of the communication. - Gregory Mulinare.

Complete inner peace is how I would describe my encounter with the beautiful whales on the island of Tonga. I felt it from the moment I was face to face and eye to eye with those beautiful creatures. The feeling has remained with me. We were at their mercy, they were at our mercy and they were harmonious together and with us. It was a most excellent encounter that I will never forget. Those beauties taught me something….Mercy, Peace and Harmony should prevail everywhere! - Karen Tirpak.

Swimming with wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii for the past 10 years has brought me out of fear and into great joy. Swimming eye to eye with a mother humpback whale and her calf in the Kingdom of Tonga, humbled me to the core of my being. These gentle giants transmitted only trust and forgiveness of the past…a message they continue to teach us even today. - Belinda Farrell, Huna Practioner.

It was such a joy to be immersed in their energy. The whale energy that we encountered was quite profound for me. The energy and the work we shared and did together was just as valuable---mahalo Celeste. I am working on becoming Michael! - Michael Brown.


Love and Light

Celeste Eaton
82-6108 Kiritina Place
Captain Cook HI 96704
808-323-2568 (C) 808-896-3132


Notes from Celeste:

These photo's are a mixture of different trips. The first photo's are at the resort where we stay, one of the best in Vavau. Showing our tongan fest night with our dancers to my special goddess friend Connie's b-day with her dancing, to my Big 60th b-day celebration with the whales. In between is my incredible wonderful boat captain John (me) who is the best and so funny below us is only one group picture of many.




The next photo's are of the small islands we see as we are traveling to find the whales, so beautiful is our journey to swim with the whales. Vavau is known as the "Lovers Paradise for snorkeling" with underwater caves we swim into and amazing under water beauty to see while snorkeling.



Then we arrive at our bonus of our adventure the Humpback Whales. These are only a few pictures of so many I have, some were taken by ©KATHLEEN T. CARR, Dean Bernal and Thomas Keller.




At the end of the day we have had spinner dolphins escort our boat back to our resort, where many times they swim by the channel you see in front of where we eat along with the whales that also swim by the resort. This is a sacred retreat in Paradise you'll never forget.

last tong

More photo's can be seen on the separate trips listed below. I would love to have you join me this September!



Some questions you may have:

What to bring. . .


  •  FOR BOAT: Swim suits, rash guards or your own wet suits, light & medium jacket/wind breaker, hat, light weight rain jacket and pants (The North Face is one label option) and snorkel, mask and fins. Plus flip flops.

  •  FOR DINNER: summer/spring clothes, sundresses, shorts, light covers, light jacket for evening. It is very causal. We never know what the weather will be like. Tonga is moving into spring time, it is a lot like the Hawaii weather. Shoes that are easy to slip out of. Walking from your room to dining is usually across sand.


  •  Camera, adapter’s for your camera’s or computers (if you bring one – internet access is very slow and available near the office). An option is to purchase an adapter at the Fiji airport (one that works for Australia) or Amazon carries Poweradd with 2-outlet international adaptors (UK/US/AU/EU/JP) for $29 via Prime.

  •  Flash lights, alarms for waking up to our beautiful morning.

  •  Toiletries: Keep in mind this is a 3rd world country. What they provide is limited. Bring your own hair products, lotion etc. They have hair dryers, If you need to use a hairdryer, you’ll need an adapter. Also check what voltage requirements your dryer requires to make sure the adapter is adequate.

  •  Money: I usually bring around $300/$350 or so to exchange for applicable currency. For those stopping in Fiji prior to Tonga you’ll want to do exchange there as well as Tonga currency. There really is not too much in Tonga to spend money on. The town of Vavau is very small, no grocery stores, a small market and a few banks to exchange your currency.

  •  Reminder: Your Tonga package does not include bar and other beverages. You can charge them to your room and pay with your credit card at the end of your trip or pay cash upon purchase. The bar also makes smoothies. I bring my own powders for shakes and the bar is happy to blend them into my smoothies.

    Additional Information:

    There are 3 days of no boats, Sundays boats do not go out. We are out many hours each boat day with the whales, so you will look forward to three days. This gives you the opportunity to do other things such as kayaking, venture into town or rest.

    Some of the local Tonga women working at the resort do make things and have them available for sale.

    Another out-of-pocket expense are taxi fares to and from the airport or going in to town (see note above about what there is available in Vavau).

    Travel Insurance:

    If you want, Travel Guard is a company I used last year and purchased a few weeks prior to traveling. Questions? Call them at 1.800.826.4919. Also check with your insurance company to see if they offer travel insurance.


    You can reach me at 808-323-2568 cell: 808-896-3132 e-mail: CELESTE@CELESTIALSONICS.COM


Do I need to be a good swimmer?

It is recommended that you have snorkeled before it will help with your experience when getting in with the whales. You don't have to be a good swimmer. We are dropped close to the whales and usually "hang" on the surface for the whale's invitation to join them.

What is the temperature of the water?

Usually its around the 70' it's a good idea to bring sweat suits or jackets and wet suits for the water for the boat. At times these are not needed.

What participants have said:

Celeste's gentle kindness and attentiveness has made swimming with the South Pacific whales my most memorable adventure so far. Sharing space and time with these miraculous beings has been wonderful. My soul will always feel the vibration and splendor of the communication. Gregory Mulinare

Complete inner peace is how I would describe my encounter with the beautiful whales on the island of Tonga. I felt it from the moment I was face to face and eye to eye with those beautiful creatures. The feeling has remained with me. We were at their mercy, they were at our mercy and they were harmonious together and with us. It was a most excellent encounter that I will never forget. Those beauties taught me something...Mercy, Peace and Harmony should prevail everywhere! Karen Tirpak

Swimming with wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii for the past 10 years has brought me out of fear and into great joy. Swimming eye to eye with a mother humpback whale and her calf in the Kingdom of Tonga, humbled me to the core of my being. These gentle giants transmitted only trust and forgiveness of the past…a message they continue to teach us even today. Belinda Farrell, Huna Practioner

It was such a joy to be immersed in their energy. The whale energy that we encountered was quite profound for me. The energy and the work we shared and did together was just as valuable---mahalo Celeste. I am working on becoming Michael! Michael Brown

We look forward to having you join this amazing group for retreat, fun, love and joy and sharing experiences with the whales and the human pod.


CALL: (808) 323-2568 (HM # ALSO TO LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE) CELL: (808) 896-3132











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808-323-2568 cell: 808-896-3132

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