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Dancing with Dolphins

Welcome Home!

Aloha and Welcome to my mysterious and joyful Blue Liquid playground of the Dolphins, Whales and other ocean Beings, along with the merged Essences of the Heavenly Beings of Light from the luminous opalescent realms of the Angelic Beings. These are the two sacred spaces I live in daily, whether I am swimming with my ocean friends or vibrationally communicating with Higher Light Beings. I have been communicating and learning much about myself, while spending special moments within both worlds.




The Beautiful Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins


Celeste's Soul is Ke Waine Ka Kialima, Mother of the Sea, protectress/guardian of Mu/Lemuria and the cetaceans.
Sirian Light Master from the Council Of ONE!

March 6th 2011 during our seminar "Birthing Of The Golden Lemuria, Expanding Your Consciousness" Grandma Chandra a 11 dimensional Star Beings embodied here at this time asked me to bring in the new whale codes. This was spontaneous and I replied YES! The last 4 days we had been going to sacred sights doing ceremony and activations. We were at Spencer Beach sharing in circle when I felt this whale calling to me. At the same time I was doing my best to listen to the person sharing and yet the whale energy was getting stronger and stronger and harder and harder for me to keep my focus on the speaker. Then to my relief someone saw the whale out from the beach tail slapping over and over, so we all got up and went to the shore to watch. At this time Judith Moore, who channels the creation codes said "Celeste is it time and I said YES!!" I put my hand out towards the whale and then a huge vibrational field enveloped me, frequencies like I had never felt before were merging with my body, then tones after tones came out from my voice again like I had never heard before or something I usually do! It was incredible the energies that were flowing through my body. I wasn't sure how long this went on as time felt like it didn't exist, yet I then heard my voice say to the group as my hand pushed up into the heavens,"We are in the stars the galaxy, see all the stars we are here in the galaxy, asking the group to allow the galaxy to enter their bodies, that we were the galaxy that was merging inside of us" as I pushed my hand down the frequencies of the galaxy with all the stars that flowed through our bodies entered our beloved Mother Earth/Gaia.

These New Whale Codes are "Crystals of Light /Language" for the Life Grids of our Beloved Planet/Gaia says Grandma Chandra. These crystal light codes were transmitted from the Galaxy, Star system Sirius through the whale I was communicating with, merging and activating the crystalline codes within my Being, as these codes activated the group, then into our Beloved Mother Earth/Gaia . These codes have brought in the "New Birthing of the Avatar Whale Babies" something that has never happened before in history of our planet. What a delight to have Whale Avatars to assist US!!! I am in such gratitude and appreciation for the Whales and All that they have done and are doing for US and GAIA our Beloved MOTHER EARTH!!

What's so interesting to me is that this felt like the same Whale Essence from the Mother Whale in Tonga I had with the most amazing, incredible Life Changing eye/heart experience. This whale was doing the same tail slapping that called our group over to be with her, the baby and the escort in Tonga! I later received the message from this Sirian Mother Whale that it was her once again communicating with me to assist in bringing in the New Lemurian Crystal Whale Codes. Except this time she was transmitting to me not only from her Eyes and Heart it was from her entire BEING to OUR BEINGS, from the waters to land into the galaxy, back into my Esssence then into the earth activating the group and humanity!!



Since a child I have communicated with the Fairies and Angels
(see my New Beginnings reflections).



In 1994, I first entered the Blue Water Environment of the Dolphins and Whales. I have now combined my 20 years of Alternative Healing Modalities of Light and Sound with the fluid teachings from the Dolphins and Whales.


From that moment to this Present Moment, this has been my Life Focus! I would love to share my Expertise with you and Invite you to come, play and Be In Joy, as we together create a Journey You'll Never Forget!


If Paradise is calling you and this sounds like something you'd like to do, then I am here for You!
Isn't it time to Celebrate Your Life by Living Every Wondrous Moment?







I look forward to meeting and seeing you Here and sharing my world with you.

















I offer Spiritual Services, Sacred Journeys in Hawaii, dolphin swims
and a trip to Tonga to swim with whales! [See 2011Trip Pictures!]




Celeste Eaton


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