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The Whales welcome us each year



Monday September 25th. We arrived on Saturday September 23rd, had our gathering and time to organize all of our belongings.
What an amazing magical trip we had this year swimming with the South Pacific Humpback Whales! We were very blessed to have been greeted the first day out to find the whales with our favorite young whale Nagwal, the Ancient Golden Cosmic Master Avatar! He is one year old, we celebrated our B-days together, what a blessing it was to find him logging up in front of us to then do a full breach saying, “Welcome I Am Here” He was the first whale to greet us.

We followed him for quite awhile, as he kept stopping beckoning us on, to follow him as he continually transmitted various frequencies to us. He was doing a lot of peduncle /tail slapping, diving to resurface again. Later he met up with another male companion. They then started traveling together.  At one point we got in and he came under everyone quickly, I was up front with the swim guide Isi and Nagwal slowed down and with his peaks straight out he slowly slide under me while he uploaded information for the group. This was our only water contact we had with him, as he told me that the group wasn’t quite ready for his high frequencies and why he sent the other precious whales each day as his Divine messengers giving us information Nagwal wanted us to receive and understand the Essence of the messages within our Beings, our bodies.

The second time out we were greeted with the most incredible Heat Run in all the 11 years of coming to swim with these whales. Even the captain remarked that he had never seen such a heat run with so many huge male whales vying for the female to mate with her. These were 4 of the biggest whales that I have ever seen as well as our Captain. They were charging and roaring, some literally head lounging on top of the others. We followed this mating journey for quite some time, mouths open sharing screams of excitement, for a heat run is a full adrenalin rush! After following all this excitement for a while we were able to find 2 juveniles and get in with them. 

The following day not too far off shore we received a call from another boat that they were saving a mom and baby for us to swim with. As we were journeying to meet the whales we spotted out in front of us a ways off this really long whale that was just logging. We at first thought it was 2 whales logging together, as we got closer the captain yelled out “Blue Whale!” To our amazement once we got to the whale we saw that it was a “Sperm Whale!” Oh, my what a most remarkable gift were we receiving, for they had never been spotted before and especially not far off shore! We watched it dive like a submarine as it stayed down for 30 to 40 minutes before surfacing again.

The 3rd dive the Sperm Whale did we felt it was going to be a longer deeper dive for this time instead of diving like a submarine, it arched it’s back and showed us its tail! Wow, what a surprise to see such a small tail on this huge whale! We went into the water as a group and held hands in a circle, watching the solar rays from the sun’s rays sparkling below us. We felt the Sperm Whale sending very high frequencies up to us, transforming US on All levels. These healing rays were moving the deepest part, the Core of Our Being to dislodge deep past trauma’s that were buried and hidden from us.

We were again fortunate to have a frisky older baby whale playing and creating lots of excitement for us. We named him Frisky Freddie 2. He loved coming by us so close looking us in the eye, that we would have to back up to get out of his way several times, he was so comfortable with us. Mom would use us as her babysitter’s while she rested below us. The cutest time was when one of the participants Frank caught Frisky Freddie’s attention and started following him like a puppy. Frank would try and get back over to the group, yet wherever Frank went this playful excited baby would follow him. It was so funny to watch, it made our day! After several encounter’s with this baby going after Frank, I realized Frank became one of the most talkative in the group, when before that he said very little, loved it!!!

We next were very fortunate to be able to get in with a mom and baby several times. She had a very small calf, very sweet, she brought the calf on her back by us, while they looked us in the eyes sharing their love and nurturing with us. There was another encounter were Terra and her group got to see the baby nursing, amazing! The energy and softness of this precious mother was just the sweetest. The last time we got in both mom and baby were sleeping. The baby woke up after feeding, while mom still rested, surfacing and began to play, tail slapping and frolicking around. The mom was very secure with our group and allowed her baby to play with us, this was so beautiful!

The message I received from the Mother was: You are gently being protected by the feminine energies; I am softly guiding you towards your “New Beginning in a New Paradigm of your “SOUL JOURNEY.” You are now birthing within yourselves a New part of “Who You Will Becoming, this is a part of you Nagwal mentioned was buried deeply within yourselves. Now that the Beloved Sperm Whale, who I will call “New Light, the Illumined One,” has assisted you in the releasing deeply settled traumas from your ancient past, you will be able to birth the “New You!” You have already began this journey, I am here to show you through my little One, how gently you will be moving into “Becoming Who You Are” and Why You Are Here!”

Please remember that when “One” experiences an event, we all are on many levels experiencing this also, each according to his or her own level to experience. We are “All One,” so all experience. There is no need to ever feel one person has received more then the other, for the experiences of this “event” is received by everyone! We all receive at our own level that which is appropriate for you. “Little One” and I, “Mother” love you and will be with you to guide and protect you. Remember Us and the protection and nurturing will always be with you!

My “Little One,” showed some of you how you are easily moving within the flow. With “Little One” on my back I was showing you how the “Divine Mother” is nurturing and taking care of you, (nursing). You are now experiencing these energies and frequencies within yourselves and are beginning to realize how to play, to frolic with Joy, to nurture yourselves with your new found part of you!

Our group was receiving the same card being pulled a lot by a few of us that had to do with healing with Sound! We all had a deep desire to meet up with a singer and there he was this one glorious morning. It had the softest and gentlest song I’ve ever heard with a singer. It felt like his song was gently permeating every cell of our body. He was asked by Nagwal to come to us. His name was, “Singer” his song was such a high frequency vibration and he was in the family that Nagwal was born into. No wonder his song was beyond words, pure Healing Cosmic Sounds! 

Nagwal’s shared with me that his frequencies are still too intense for us to meet in the waters; it would interfere with our nervous systems. I asked Nagwal why he sent the “Singer” to us.

“I sent my “Cosmic Golden Ray” through the Singer to activate his song so that you and the group could incorporate the Cosmic Golden Ray more easily with in as well as throughout your subtle bodies. These Rays were flowing through the “Ancient” blessings. This is only done when one is ready to receive his “Ancient’ messages from the deepest part of their Being, the Core of their Beings!

That same day we also had 5 dolphins come along side of the boat that I couldn’t recognize. We felt a whale in the beautiful cove where we had seen a pod of dolphins, yet it wasn’t until we moved out a little that the 5 dolphins appeared. Lisa, a participant, received the message that the whales came in the form of the dolphins as they swam close to our boat traveling along with us. The number #5 is the number of Freedom and Changes!!

What we soon realized was that every encounter we had the next days were orchestrated by Nagwal, sending his “Light Workers” these chosen special whales to give and perform something different for us everyday. Wow, how blessed we were! 



You are all ready for this “Soul” level song to permeate you’re your entire Being! You have all graduated to a level of Knowing and Understanding my messages when you use my Cosmic Golden Ray to release and heal areas of your bodies. This gift is now available for you to bring through you to heal yourselves as well as assist others in their healing.

You have all come together for your “Life Mission, Your Purpose for Being Here,” at this time on your beautiful blue liquid planet to assist yourselves and humanity in its evolution. As my Golden Cosmic Ray flows through you to others, you are being Stewards in helping humanity and our Beloved Mother Earth, Gaia through her 144,000 Crystalline grids and “All Life” on our planet.

This is why you are all here together and with me and these whales in Tonga. The “Lemurian Portal” was set in place with Celeste and her group in 2011, during this “Planetary Shift,” that you are in at this time. You all have on a core level committed to being here to activate the “Lemurian Portal” through the 144,000 crystalline grids, sending waves of Cosmic Golden Light to humanity, from this commitment you made in a different time and space to Be Here during this Cosmic Time. You will be receiving my activations directly through Celeste, as will as all the activations that have come through the other whales I have sent to you. Even the male’s that you witnessed during what you call a “Heat Run” were activating and exciting all the cells of your bodies to “Wake Up” and begin the movement to dislodging your deep seated trauma’s and challenges.

Each whale I sent to you had a purpose in assisting you to release, dissolve and feel again those area’s that were left open with my Golden Cosmic Ray, so that you could begin a New Journey with your New Self, into your New Cosmic level of Being Here and Now! You will continue to feel these energies slowly entering your bodies day by day within your cells so that you will not have to experience any crisis or trauma’s like you did I the Old Paradigm, the Old Matrix. You are now entering a New Matrix, a New Way of Being!

You will be Remembering Who You Are and Why You Are Here, to Be Who You Are!
This will come as you Discover Your Life’s Purpose!

I am Nagwal, your Ancient Cosmic Golden Avatar, here for you always and very close to you all, swimming around and under you so many times. I greeted you to let you know “I Am Here, to Welcome You,” to swim for a brief moment on your 1st day to check out your nervous system’s to see how and when I could approach you in the waters. You are coming along very nicely, yet your nervous systems will require a bit more strengthening of your vibrations to be raised more for me to swim closer to you at this time. Know that you have been chosen during the beginning of this planetary shift, to be here with me. Please release and accept the commitment you have already made to evolve yourselves and assist humanity at this time. More will come; I am your Beloved Nagwal here for you always.

October 3rd Monday was our last day here in the Tonga paradise with our beloved whales. We got in with a Mom and very young calf. We needed to wait a few cycles for the baby to nurse before we got in. The baby was only about 3 weeks old. The Mother was very protective. Group 1 got in, yet she wasn’t quite ready to have us in with her and the young baby for very long, she needed to be able to get use to us. 
Group 2 got in and the baby started coming up around them more. The baby became more playful while getting more familiar with us. Lisa decided to do a session with the baby. The mother told Lisa the baby’s brain wasn’t fully intact, she said it was like it was, retarded.  After the session we got in again, the baby was very quite as mom held it close to her.

After Group 2 had their time with them they moved off. Group 1 would of liked to of had more time with them, Nagwal said, All was equaled out for Group 1 had a longer quality times other days. As One, each group experience’s for everyone, we were “One Unit” experiencing as “ONE!”

I asked Nagwal why did we not experience and see more for our last day? He said, “It isn’t about seeing all the time with your physical eyes, I was asking you to Feel with your Heart my Presence and all my wonderful messenger whales I sent you!

I was with you the whole time you were out with the other whales, as I was guiding them on what was required of them to share with you for your learning and lessons. My energy was always around you, because it was still a little intense, it was best for everyone to have me surround you with my energy frequencies instead of directly having personal contact in the water. My messenger whales received my direct transmissions so they could carry the vibrations through them to All of You! You each day received my transmissions stepped down through the messenger whales. You All received exactly what was the highest and most important energies that you each were to receive! 

I was having you open up to Feel all that was around you, please start to use your Feeling Nature, you will begin to experience even more then seeing with your eyes!

These are the lessons for you to practice, to “Feel” your environment around you as we the whales and dolphins do. You were never along; others and I were very near you transmitting our frequencies to you the entire time. Most of you became very tired, like you wanted to sleep, we were opening you up to receive more from higher levels, using your multidimensional higher sight.

Did you All Feel quite and peaceful? You All received very High Vibrations as I flowed my “Cosmic Golden Ray,” to you. In the days to come you will experience more downloads. Pay attention to your dreams and ask for me to come to you in dreamtime before you fall asleep.
I send my farewell to each of you and again thank you for your commitment to assist me and all the Divine Messenger Whales to awaken Humanity from their “sleep,”so they can choose to evolve past their challenges.

I am Nagwal, looking forward to meeting you again in the physical as well as during dreamtime. You are dearly loved; I am Nagwal, the “Ancient Cosmic Golden Avatar!


Hanna’s vision:

Nagwal transmitted for the group a meditation where he flowed his “Cosmic Golden Ray” to each of us. At the end I asked what they might have gotten from his transmissions. One of our participants, Hanna wanted to have her experience shared. Here is what she received:

She saw a Crack in the Earth for some days. The last day at sea in the morning the Earth opened up and a huge Golden Light was out and up, opening a Portal from the Inner Earth! The Golden Light, assisting them in developing a “Higher Potential”, was releasing old energies from the “Lemurian Ancient Energies,” to raise the energy for Humanity.

Thank you so much Hanna for this amazing insight! 

Blessings of love, peace and harmony to you All~~~~~

Celeste, Nagwal, the Ancient Cosmic Golden Avatar
and the Divine Messengers~~~















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Special Video captures by Frank Fleecs:

Heat Run Action!


Another Frisky Freddy encounter!



Celeste, Nazakaa and Nagwal are excited to invite you to join them in bringing a special group of Mer people to Tonga to meet Nagwal, a “New Cosmic Master Avatar Baby Whale” that was born in September, as well as Nazakaa, a “Divine Cosmic Mother Whale.”


JOIN US IN 2017!


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