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T o n g a ~ 2007


Come and join the "Whale Song Pod" in sharing their adventures at the Tonga Resort in the beautiful and magical kingdom of Tonga.

It's my heart's desire that everyone will have the opportunity to join me and our group September 2 - 15th, 2008 to experience the most magical, sacred expanded moments with these high vibrational Beings of Light & Love as they nurture the very essence of your souls.

Hope to See You There!

Meet the "Whale Song Pod"

Entering New Dimensions

Connie, Greg, Halla, Kathy, Pam, Barbara, Minaxi, Jude, Anastasia,
Debra, Christa, Ann Marie, Barb, Dean and Celeste

Our professional photographer, Kathy Carr has taken some amazing photos. Please note that all images are copyrighted, ©Kathleen T. Carr, and may only be used by permission. For more information and permission to use any of these copyrighted images, please contact her at

Check out her special
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(Other pics by Halla and Dean)






Dean Bernal began our journey with the whales on his Birthday.
Thank you for your underwater photography and assistance




This is a breath taking look at the Kingdom of Tonga's island chain where we swim with the whales.











The beautiful Tongan Resort is where we live for the one or two weeks. The whales often pass by the resort.







The Whales
Swimming with these loving, nurturing Humpback whales is beyond words.
You must come see for yourselves...


©Kathleen Carr - Use by permission only ©Kathleen Carr - Use by permission only






Our great and humorous Captain Jon, would bring fresh brownies every day for our trip home.
Here's Pam enjoying the sumptuous treat after a day with the whales.
What Blessings! Whales AND Brownies!!




On The Boat




On my Birthday we were greeted by this pod of Spinner dolphins as we were approaching our resort.

What a wonderful B-Day Present.







At the End of the Day...

At the end of each day all my prayers were answered as we were being graced by whales, sacred waters and beauty beyond words. Out thoughts and feelings were ever expanded into the Dreamtime to awaken to a New Day of another expanded New Day!

My Blessing go out to the "Whale Song Pod" and to all reading this as we continue to enter New Dimensions!

Love & Light,


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