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SEPTEMBER 11-18 & 18-25, 2021




Special Moments of Spiritual Reflections

My first real 3rd dimensional experience with a 6th dimensional Guide was when I was 18 year's old. I had just graduated from High School and had come home from a date. I was fixing myself something to eat, when I heard this unusual high pitch sound. It was a sound that made my hair stand up! We had a large picture window, which was behind me. All of a sudden I felt something very large with a very large energy field watching me. I FROOZE! I really couldn't move! I then slowly turned around and like a fleeting image it was gone. At that moment I knew it was Big Foot! There had been sighting up in the hills around my Northern California hometown. I then went to bed feeling like it didn't make any sense what I was feeling and had heard.

The next morning my boyfriend came over saying there were reporters taking pictures of the footprints of Big Foot down by the dam that someone had made for a joke. Well, my hair really stood on end then! My home was only a couple of miles from the dam. I attempted to share my story with my boyfriend and parents, but being a small town and conservative at that, they totally dismissed what had happened to me.

This was only the beginning of my contact with this 6th dimensional Guide. I had many more in the later years while living in Oregon only 5 miles from the forest. It was also the beginning of my being misunderstood on several occasions. I once again learned from my guidance to keep my experiences to myself. It was the time in my life to be very discerning to whom I spoke my truth.



New Millennium 2000 Celebration. The Whale Shark Swim

It was on that New Year's Day, the First Day of my New Beginnings, having just found out my divorce had become final. It was the seminar of all seminars that many participants, Myself included, were able to swim with a 20 foot whale shark. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life! The amazing love that flowed from this beautiful Being is a big highlight of my many explorations in the blue world of the ocean. It was so gentle and just wanted to hang with the people. At one point it glided right past me and I gently put my hand a little from my side and it brushed against it. It was a great opening for me and what would transpire in the coming months of 2000. What a gift to start the New Year and Millennium!




Trusty… My Healing of the Baby Dolphin…
My Giving Back to the Dolphins

In June 2001, I was swim guiding for a seminar facilitated by my friend Sheoli. I was not far from shore when I began to send my signature tones to the dolphins. I looked up and a baby dolphin was approaching me. Instead of stopping she very gently tapped my mask. She then came back around and bumped my shoulder. This really caught my attention. She moved directly in front of me and came to almost a complete stop. I saw she had fishing line all wrapped around her fluke, cutting deeply into her skin.

I quickly saw and felt that this little one was not going to make it! I came around to its side and asked permission to put my hand under her heart? As soon as I asked, she fell directly into my arms. It was as if I was holding a human baby! Its heartbeat was so fast, I felt she was very afraid at that point.

I then started transmitting healing energy to the baby and at the same time another facilitator attempted to undo the fishing line. Unfortunately it was in so deep and would have to be cut off. We called for anyone to get a knife to assist us.

Before I knew it I was swimming with her in my arms, listening to my guidance. We swam across the bay, not knowing where I was heading. After awhile her heartbeat became normal. She started wiggling in my arms, so I asked her if she wanted to go, giving her the choice, but hoping she would stay in my arms until we could get some help to cut the line.

I saw its mom coming over to us and I knew she wanted to go to her. So I released the baby and she swam off to her mother. Then to my surprise three adult dolphins came up circling me, spiraling in the air and landing very close to me. It was amazing! I received the message that they knew I had assisted the baby enabling her to swim again. They were saying thank you!

I swam over to the participant and was asked to take her back to shore. When we were about in the same place I first encountered the baby, I was surprised to see coming towards me the pod with mother and baby! They swam right by me, showing me she was ok. Oh, I was so happy!!

Some of the line was able to be cut, the part that was dragging, but not all of it.

At this time I just prayed that this little one would be ok. Well, about a week or so later the baby was sighted by my friend Lisa, who was on a boat. She was able to cut more line off its fluke. That made us all very happy to know that she had lived and was still doing well.


The most wonderful part of this ending story is that a couple of years later, actually only a few month's ago, I saw her, now a young adult and she is swimming with us quit often. We communicate with each other and I send her my pictures and thoughts of that special day we shared together. I know she is receiving them by the way we are interacting. Her name is Trusty, for this is what she did with me! I could finally give Healing Back to the Dolphins, as they have given so much healing to me.

Thank you Trusty for trusting in Me!

Photo ©

Dominican Republic: Mom and Calf Experience
February 16th 2000.
(Channeled from Aqualaw)

It was a beautiful morning as we ventured out again to see the whales. We got into the water where it was very shallow. Only 20 feet below me was a mom and calf lying on the bottom. I was lying still above them when they started to come up. She began to lift her peck fin, turned and saw I was too close, looked me in the eye and brought her fin back down beside her, making sure she didn't hit me. She sent me the most loving and gentle look of nurturing, then moved on with her calf. That night I couldn't sleep and was told to write the message from Aqualaw ( she was overseeing the whales). Here is the message as I transcribed it:

"We are to move past what the physical eyes can see into the greater reality, the expansion into Oneness. You were shown this by seeing and feeling the mother whale today and into her expansiveness and then to the Stars expansiveness, especially Sirius. She's saying there is no difference above and below…expand yourself to encompass both realities simultaneously, then we are both and all at the same time, there is no space or time between the two accept what we perceive as separate. Move from a state of separateness to Oneness or Wholeness of Being.

As we gently (as the gentle mother whale showed me) easily and effortlessly, move beyond our Preconceived ideas of who we are, we then begin to see who we have always been…expansion of light beyond the physical from to everlasting sparks of light, forever growing and becoming our True Essence of the Golden Ray of Sun, shinning brightly beyond what our limits of the mind can perceive as US…that limited smaller version of physical form. As the mother whale had her eyes closed for short while, she reminded me to awaken more from my sleep state to become more aware of my environment and each moment as a point of joy and love to be experienced.

Be gentle to all we come into contact, yet expand our awareness to encompass all that surrounds us. Love and Live in Joy as we journey through our created reality of what life means to us. Allow me my space as I allow you yours and we will always be touched by love.

Photo ©

As we move out of each others merged space…time and space can never separate us, as there is no such thing as separation….I only leave this one space in time into another…never a separation…remember always only Expansion will be your Reality, moving you into the Greater Reality.

All that IS. IS all there has Been or Will Ever Be…We are Beings of Light…Being what you are Becoming and have always Been…Light upon Light living with in the Light of your True Essence…Oneness with Oneness all encompassing the Ever Lasting Glow of the Divine.
We are One and in Oneness I depart in rejoicing of our new found truth….BE THE ONE AND THE ONE WE ARE! The expansion of the Angelic's into the Light of the Cosmo's.
The ET's above as the ET's Below…You, Me and Us.

Blessings to you for opening to your Greater Reality….. Aqualaw-


Swimming with dolphins is like swimming with your best friend, one you love, trust and can really play and have such joy and fun together. My FIRST ENCOUNTER with a whale, however, was very different from the dolphins.

It seemed like I was swimming with the Higher Self of the dolphin. They are what I call "Gentle Giants!" The first time I ever saw a Humpback Whale here in our Hawaiian waters I thought, "Oh my Goddess, its so big!" Yet, as I stayed still I realized it was checking me out and at the same time transmitting this most unbelievable radiance of light, love and expansiveness that I've ever felt.

My next step was to actually go to a place that I could actually swim with the whales since it has been deemed illegal in US waters because Humpbacks are on the endangered species list. My friend Joan was taking a research group to the Dominican Republic, so I was on to my next adventure, my first whale seminar in February 2000.

I experienced one of the most wonderful trips and extraordinary encounters, while at times, they were only a few feet from us in our small launches. We lived aboard the larger research vessel for 7 days and became a special family. These experiences once again Expanded and Changed My Life beyond all previous recognition.

The most memorable experience happened one day when we were swimming over a mom and calf who were directly below. She began to lift her peck fin up as she began her ascent, then quickly turned and looked me right in the eye! Realizing that I was just above her only feet away, she gently pulled her peck back to her side, caught my eye again and surfaced next to me with her baby. She paused for a few minutes, then gently with her baby, glided off. I felt so E x p a n d e d and filled with Love, I couldn't function normally the rest of the day.

After dinner, although I was so tired, I couldn't sleep and began to journal. Like most automatic writing, it was fast and furious with many pages.

This was a channeling directly from the Overseer of the Mother Whale. One particularly important message from the mother was:

"Move into the Greater Reality of All That IS…. IS, is all there has ever Been or Will Ever Be…. We are Beings of Light….Being what you are Becoming and have always Been..…Light within Light, living within the Light of Your True Essence……ONENESS WITH ONENESS! All Encompassing the Everlasting Glow of the DIVINE…WE ARE ONE IN THE ONENESS!

It was as if it didn't matter whether I was conscious or not! To read the entire message, along with other whale highlights, please go to… DOLPHIN AND WHALES SPIRITUAL HEALING ENCOUNTERS.

When I returned home, my 33year marriage ended, our vibrations no longer supported each other in a healthy way, for I had expanded beyond that which no longer served our relationship. It was an amicable separation for the most part.

My SECOND ENCOUNTER was once again in the Dominican Republic, only this time I went with just a friend. Again, we had amazing encounters, each day bringing us something special and different than the day before. This trip seemed to be more of a Goddess Adventure, for but for two men, all were women.

This trip turned out to be very sacred with rituals that were never planned, they just happened. The Captain at that time told us in all the 10years he'd been there, he felt this was one of the best and most frequent encounters he had ever experienced. I believe with the special group of women aboard we created a sacred connection with the whales. One woman was pregnant and another was desiring to become a mother. We did a sacred ceremony with a Mother and Baby whale. This area called, Silver Bank, is the place were Mother's give birth to their young. Right after our ceremony from our small boat, we had an amazing, most loving and nurturing close encounter with the Mom and Baby! They knew and felt what we were doing and celebrated with us when we entered the water. It was truly a time of Light Expansion and Healing!

Whale Song, The Celestial Choir from the Deep

This was one of the most fantastic Sonic filled experiences of Sound Vibration I've ever had been blessed to merge with into my whole cellular body. It was a stormy, cloudy, high surf day. The waves were pretty high and I chose not to enter the water. As I sat there I looked out and saw the blow of a whale. It was such a strong force that was calling me into the water, I decided to go down to the boat dock and enter from there. I was only a short way out when a small pod of dolphins came leaping towards to me and passed me leaving the bay. I had the feeling they were telling me something was in the area and for me to be aware.

Interestingly, I looked out and the whale blew again and his vibration pulled me out to him. I at that moment had No Fears of being in the ruff and murky waters. As I was lead out towards him, it was as if there was a channel of Light that I was following. I didn't have to see him, for his singing was so loud and beautiful so just kept following the sound.

I ended up almost to the monument, I could not stop going toward his Light Stream and Magnificent Sounds. I stayed out there for quit some time listening. I then was getting cold, so knew I'd been out a while. I told him I was going to go in and started to head back towards shore.

To my surprise, as I was swimming back quickly to get warm, his songs became even louder as I was swimming. It was as if he was deep under me most of the way in! I asked him "is he following me, or am I following him?"

The route I was taking back was the way I'd come from the dock. For awhile the sounds got less intense and I kept swimming. As I was getting closer to the shore, his song became loud again. I was at a point that I could see the sandy bottom.

All of a sudden the sound was so loud and I actually began vibrating even more then before. I looked down and right below me he was laying on the bottom only 10 feet or so. I hung over him for as long as I could, then said "please come up to me, I really want to see you and I am so cold and really can't vibrate any longer." In a matter of minutes, he raised his peck fins and face toward mine headed up to me! Oh, my Goddess, here he was coming, just as I had asked him to do! He moved slightly to the left of me to surface

so not to hit me. He looked me in the eye and then dove down again and began to Sing His Song!

I knew my body could take NO MORE VIBRATION, thanked him for the most beautiful song I'd ever heard and swam to shore.

When I checked how long I'd been out, I saw 3 hours had gone by!! Wow, everything about me and inside me was vibrating with sound and all of me felt EXPANDED WITH JOY!

I feel he was preparing me for the Sound work that I was about to begin, to assist others with this wonderful vibration from the WHALE. Blessings to you my Sounding Friend!

I call this FIRST ENCOUNTER with Spinner Dolphins.

I had never snorkeled or swam in the ocean before this time. It was the first or second day out, when one dolphin left the pod and came over to me. I knew I was to go with him. I also knew that intuitively I would be taken through all 12 dimensions of time with a dolphin. This message had been shared with me a reading from my friend. So, it was going as planned, I remember many different sensations taking place. The one thing I wasn't aware of was that I had become invisible to my podner. After looking for me for sometime she went onto shore since being a former lifeguard at the ocean, she knew she would be able to see me from an elevated view.


Well, I walked out of the water looking right at her and said, "Hay Lisa, What's Up?" Well, her eyes were like saucers! She asked me how I got out of the water? I replied "I walked out!" She asked again and I then could see she wasn't kidding. I promptly got a message from the dolphins that said, until I spoke, I had been invisible to her. Wow, that was very interesting!

Everyone was pretty amazed and excited about this news. So the next day Trish asked me to let her know if the same dolphin appeared again and to let her know. And guess what? He did! I called her over and we locked arms, as he came up again the same way as he had the previous day. Now, we had spectators watching to see what would happen.

Yes, we both became invisible! Now I'd say that's not bad for my First Swim with the dolphins, huh?
I easily decided this was my life's work and for the next 5 years I spoke about the dolphins on the mainland and brought people to Hawaii to be with them. When I finally had the opportunity to move to the island, thanks to my husband at that time, I jumped at it. I say a special thanks to Hank, because he supported me that first year, so that I could spend everyday with the dolphins that they were in one of the local bays. I took the opportunity to swim and journal all my experiences without having to worry about anything else. This was a great Blessing for me!

It has now been 10 years, and I still swim daily with my friends, recognizing the now old timers and their families. Its so great to see my first dolphin encounter friends, their babies and their babies, babies. We are all such a wonderful family of Spirits in human bodies and Spirit dolphins in dolphin bodies.

This is what I continue to do today, July 2, 2004. What a beautiful journey I've been on and continue to explore daily.

This was my opportunity to also meet, who is now one of my closest friends, Joan Ocean, sharing fun and laughter that morning on the boat trip to greet the dolphins! The last few days of my First Dolphin Seminar we stayed at Joan's beach house and had an amazing evening with Joan.
The three contributors to this event in my life were Saspanwee, who gave me the message on the recorder; Lisa, who in blessings and gratitude for her special friendship, and to whom I say "Enjoy your higher vibration, you deserve it!" and Joan, who hosted us in her home. In memory of Lisa, who transitioned a couple of years ago, may your Light shine on all of us!

celeste, joan, jayne & Doug jayne, celeste, lisa & joan
Above left, me with Joan, Jane and Doug. Above right with Jane, Lisa and Joan

Doug n TrishIt was the most amazing week filled with so much Love, Light and Joy from our facilitators Doug and Trish, that I will be eternally grateful. Mahalo!!


Up close and personal

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