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Energy and Light Transmissions and Transference Sessions

I have always, I guess you could say, been in the healing arts profession. My focus even as a young girl in grade school was to help others when needed. I was given the task of bringing all new students around to introduce them to their peers. The new students seemed to feel Safe with me.

All my life people would just tell me things, saying, "I am not sure why I am telling you this… etc.". I would find myself in places many times where assistance was needed right at that moment. The thing I believe that brought me to these moments with others was that I never questioned "why am I here?" I simply knew I was in the right place at the right time - always.

I then began to perceive that I did have some kind of a special gift that made others feel very comfortable as my presence seemed to be uplifting to them. As I became an adult, this within me Gift was given freely to my Family and that was my Life for many years.


In 1976 my Life underwent a Complete Change.

I started thinking about my OWN HEALING WITHIN MYSELF, instead of constantly giving out only to others. This lead me on my own healing path, which I still follow today, always seeking to evolve myself to the next level.

My first physical Master Teacher was a wonderful man named Dennis Adams. He was truly a Master in showing us that EVERYTHING IS YOU, NOTHING IS OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. Back in 1976 we were the first group he shared this wisdom with that eventually came out in books much later. The most important thing I liked about Dennis was that he didn't call himself a Guru, Physic or anything other title. Instead, he was no different from us. He'd say, WE ARE ALL THE SAME! Even though he was an alchemist, and has been documented teaching in two different places simultaneously, he kept stating the fact that We Are All The Same! This is one of the main reasons I continued to study with him. HE TAUGHT GOD/GODDESS IS WITHIN! I studied with Dennis for 6 years before I began to take his work out to apply it to MYSELF and others as a teacher.


One day a flyer came in the mail. It was about the Huna teaching from the Mystery School in Nevada City. To this day I still do not know why it was sent or by whom, all I know is that it came in my mailbox. I didn't know at first what Huna meant for sure. All was in its perfection, because I didn't go the first night, yet the next morning I was so driven to go that I just got dressed and drove to Sacramento. Little did I know that they already had my papers sitting on the chair, knowing I would be coming in the morning. It was probably the most intense class I've ever taken - very powerful. I learned that Spirit has its many ways of touching you and seeing that you end up where you are meant to be. Here I am now in Hawaii, the land of the Kahuna!!

Bottlenose in Hawaii, ©, Sheoli Makara. Used by permission.

through Trans-channel Medium LOREN

This was another interesting adventure for me. I was invited to go to Loren's class on Crystal Healings, taught by Jabar, the Ancient One. The most profound thing was when I met Loren our eyes interlocked as if we were seeing ourselves in one another. I had never experienced anything like this before. So he invited me to come to the class. I wanted to go, but had to attend to personal family matters, so wasn't planning on going. Loren and his assistants announced they were from Orion and said, I too was from their family. I wasn't sure about this, yet I had just finished reading the book "Star-Borne, for the Awakened Ones." This book was about Orion. That night I went home and kept looking directly at Orion's Belt for hours, wondering about the connection.

The next morning, planning on taking care of my obligations, I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go to this class and to my utter surprise he said, "Go, I can take care of things". Now this was very unusual, because he didn't like me going to such classes plus we were both to leave town, which made this even more unusual.

When I arrived at the hotel I found out that some 20+ people who had signed up, some with deposits, didn't show up. There were only seven of us in attendance.

When Jabar embodied he said, "all these other people, one way or another got lost, etc., for they weren't to take part in this class." This again showed me we are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time!

A very special thing then happened. Since there were seven of us, when it came time to pair off, I was without a partner. For a moment I felt "what about me", when Jabar said, "when I leave Loren's body you'll know when it is time to begin healing by Spirit guidance, just trust". Well I did feel calm about it and then began to do what felt natural to do. After awhile Loren opened his eyes looked up at me and after a pause said "come with me".

Little did I know that he had never had a healing, they usually didn't want anyone to touch him, because as a trans-channel, you can bruise easily. He proceeded to tell me my relationship to Orion and to him. It was to become another interesting level of healing modality I added to my life. It seems like most of my healing adventures have been brought to me in these very mysterious and exciting ways.

Even more, these were Blessings given to Me!

One of my gifts is to help others on their journeys with Sacred Ceremonies. Being born a Virgo, having the Priestess Energy, this comes very natural for me. Doing Sacred Goddess Rituals like creating the Heart in the Lava Rock of Pele and the Sacred Partnership class where I created a Sacred Marriage to my Higher Self!

Angelic Retreat with walk-in Tachi-Ren
What Is Light Body? Channeled by Archangel Ariel

Once, I went over to the Redwoods near Santa Rosa for this Spiritual Angelic Retreat. This is where I really started realizing my Angelic origin, staying in those Redwoods for a week. The ET contacts were also amazing along with the Angelic communications of what appeared to be a very high vibrational level. The most profound thing I believe was when I was walking by myself in the woods and profoundly felt the sensation of walking into a vortex. Everything became completely still and silent! When I walked out the other side, it was as before entering. This was my first bonafide felt vortex experience.

One night we were outside after mediation and I and a few others heard a loud screech! It sounded unreal! It turned out to be a Big Foot, which I found out is one of my guides from the 6th dimension. This was the Second time I encountered Big Foot.

To learn more about my first Big Foot experience go to: SPECIAL SPIRITUAL REFLECTIONS


In the 1980's I studied with Patricia Cota Robles, another amazing Spiritual Teacher for me. What I learned and then began to share with others was her teaching on the "Twelve Aspects of Deity." These are defined as the Twelve Rays of Creation, Twelve Archangels and their Qualities. I taught these classes for many years and still practice them today. Working and sharing the Rays has been very rewarding for me these many years.

Part of what I sense I am doing here is to assist this Planet in Anchoring Rays of Light.
I was involved in the many Circles of Light projects that anchored the 5 higher rays into the planet. In 1992, I also assisted a woman from England, Anakan, who gathered a group of light workers to go to Mt. Shasta and assist Archangel Michael with the astral level of mis -creation that had affected parts of the Mountain.

I received my first Reiki Initiation at that time, which she believed was beneficial for doing the work we were to do. Many beautiful and magical things happened while camping for 5 days, 5 miles up the enchanted mountain. The most rewarding was when we met author, Gary Zukof, as we were coming down the mountain. Finding out what we had accomplished, he invited us to his home along with many healers to honor us for assisting the planet in this way. What a Special Night with Many Blessings!
I am now a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher, having received my 3rd Degree here in Hawaii in front of the Green Queen at the Buddhist Temple. I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for more than 15 years.

Light Transmission and Tranference: TILAK- Man of Light and Wisdom

My present leap from my illusionary reality onto the Path of Liberation was when I met Tilak. So who is Tilak? Tilak I consider truly a man who is REAL AND TRANSMITS LIGHT, creating openings for the individual to move to their next level of evolution if they choose. You are able to truly see your own light and to truly begin to see your real authentic self with these Openings. You drop your veils and boundaries through this process.

I have received many Intensives and I am presently doing a more Expanded Intensive, which has brought me into my Knowingness without Doubts or Fears! It is so gratifying to Know and Feel All your Aspects of Self beginning to merge and be in Harmony with your Present Moment. I have changed so much since having Tilak in my Life, I can truly say that I don't feel as if there is much of myself emboding this physical body that was present last October 2003. It is quick and transformative in every way and this has been what my Life is about at this Present Moment.


To find out more about the Portal and Joan Ocean's account of Babaji, please go to
In Memory of Babaji


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