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TONGA 2008

A whale bubble ring!!


The Group

Cecily, Phil, April, Celeste, Dana, Doreen, Thomas


Our TONGA 2008 trip to swim with these gracious
Beings of Love and Light, the Humpback Whales was an amazing season.

Our connection to these Highly Evolved Beings
for the 2 week period was extraordinary, even beyond words.


As we swam each day in the South Pacific Lemurian waters we were bathed in tranquility. The whales greeted us each day, calling us to come and be with them.



It was a very incredible time for we were blessed day after day with mom's,
babies and usually one or more escorts.


Our encounters were eye to eye each day, this was really exceptional!


They remained present to us for hours and some days 2 to 3 hours we spent with them as we basked in their nurturing, loving and compassionate hearts and intelligence that were transmitted to us assisting us in elevating our frequencies at the cellular level.
Most amazing!


Our groups were also the most wonderful loving,
caring people it was very easy to become a family of hearts.


Thomas, Doreen, Cecily, Celeste, Dana, April, Phil


Being in Tonga with the whales is the most transforming experience
I have every had and most people agree!


John - Thomas & Celeste


Cecily - April

Thomas - Jenny


Ben & Jerry - Capt. John


Thomas entering resort

The resort owner and staff


Celeste's Birthday Party

Thomas & Celeste

Phil & Dana - Doreen & April



If you'd like a heart opening experience, please consider joining me on my trip this coming September 2009. I guarantee you'll never forget the amazing experiences you will have, and you will be changed forever. Please enjoy the people and the whales from our last adventure. May you all be blessed with Love, Peace and Harmony!

Love and Light,



Leaving Vava'u, flight to Tonga

Celeste & April - Doreen & Thomas



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