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Activations with the Tongan Humpback Whales

One thing I would like to mention here is that every precious encounter with these incredible loving and nurturing “Giants of the Sea” we were gifted with a sacred geometry of either a spiral or a circle or at times both. Amazing Presence of the whales who were transmitting sacred healing energies of their Wisdom, Love, Light, Compassion and Expansion of “ Who They Are” to us all in order that we too could move into “Who We Are” through these precious gifts.



Our first encounter was with a mother and baby that was very beautiful. She stayed and communicated with the group allowing her baby to be next to us. As she began to move to our surprise she turned back making a swiping movement over to us with her rostrum (nose) heading directly towards the group. I thought to myself she is getting very close. She was only a few feet under us nearly touching us. We couldn’t move until her entire body slide under us and her tail moved past!! Kathy Carr was photographing this as a movie and she said she was using her long lenses, yet when she looked up the baby was right in her face above the mom. We have this beautiful experience on our DVD that Kathy made. This mother whale moved under the group so gracefully transmitting her essence to us all. Then out of no where the escort surfaced and they were off. She did a spiral sacred geometry. Incredible moment in time!







The second encounter

As we were sailing along we noticed a younger male whale breaching and playing ahead of us. We stopped the boat and got in and swam over to him. He was a two year old, very playful turning on his back showing us his beautiful white belly. At one point he continued to dive, come back up to us again and repeat his playfulness towards us. Then he incredibly came straight up from below with his white belly facing us and lifted himself up out of the water (spy hopping) and stood there right next to us without moving. It was as if he was seeing who was above the surface, asking “Who are You?” Then the most amazing thing happened. He began to turn very slowly in a spiral, making a complete circle to again face us directly.

He would slide down once more under the water with belly facing us and repeat the spiral dance. This is something I had never seen before, oh, what fun he was having showing us what he could do. He was having fun as well as were we, yet on a deeper level he was gifting us with healing energies through his spiraling and circles. He stayed quite awhile with us, what a treat for our group. Brought fun and play into our hearts!!!



The third encounter

This day was very unusual. We had been cancelled from our boat trip because of weather that was to come in the next day. When we woke that next morning the sea’s we flat and the weather was sunny and beautiful. We thought lets get Celastie (guy who transports us to our island from Haipai) to take us out around our island. Now his boat is a very small wooden boat, yet the 8 of us fit somehow. He was taking us to a very special place he knew of were the whales gathered in a lagoon. We packed a lunch and headed off.

Once we got to the lagoon a few islands away, the winds began to change and Celastie being Tongan and a fisherman advised us that we should start back. We agreed for we knew how quickly the weather could change. Once we got our island in sight we also saw in the opposite direction a mother whale tail slapping over and over. We voted to go see the mother whale for she was putting on quite a show for us. Being in a this small boat only a couple feet up above the water we knew we could get very close to her. As we approached I was taken back on how huge her tail was, never had I seen in all the years swimming with the whales anything so BIG!! It’s interesting because the night before I did a meditation and this huge mother whale came in and showed me herself and I told the group this is really a Big mother whale. I was thinking it looked large because she came to me in our meditation yet for some reason she wanted me to really notice her and tell the group she was present with us. My body was spiraling the entire time her energy was flowing through me, I couldn’t stop my body from spiraling and this I had never done for such a long period of time. When the mediation was complete my body continued to still be moving and I felt a little nauseated. This was very unusual for me. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. Now as you might guess this was the mother whale in my meditation the night before.

So here we are watching this amazing display of tail slapping and then a baby comes up and does a breach!! This then became the theme for awhile, they performed over and over again as we sat as close as we could that wasn’t dangerous for us. We of coarse couldn’t get in for all the activity that was going on. Then up comes the escort and I realized they are performing a mating ritual! They moved a few more times, then on the 3rd time as we followed them everything became quite. I was waiting for the moment when all would settle down so that we could get into the water. We were already in our wet suits and I told the group if they wanted to slide in please be ready. I knew somehow it would be fast and we’d need to quietly and carefully get in all together. Susan and I were hanging half way in the water when the mother surfaced with an arch of her back coming towards us and I saw how huge her back was. I thought to myself I have never seen a whale this big, she was almost twice the size of any whales I’d encountered! I’ve swam with many from the North Pacific, South Pacific and the Atlantic. At that moment I slide in with Susan right behind me.

Now the rest of the experience I am going to share with you happened within a split second and I mean split second. I had just put my hand up like I always do when I see the whales so others will know were they are. With my hand still in the air she with her baby over her back came from below right to me only feet away!!! Moving very quickly she scanned me with her eye which she had expanded so I was even able to see a lot of white around the pupil and vibrated her eye ball right into my eyes! Now she is only about 5 feet or so from me and moving. She then turns her beautiful white belly toward me as her pleats are bellowing out in my face! Just for an instant I thought “oh where is the rest of her?” The next thing there is bubbles in my face and then the tail ahead of me. She somehow didn’t hit me and to this day I don’t know how, all I know is that she wanted to come to me and give me this very special gift from her.

What was my Special Gift???


I feel she gave me her light, wisdom and power of expansion that has changed my life!! I was told by a special person I trust that this beautiful Mother Whale and I had an agreement before I arrived that this incredible sacred experience would take place. I was told that she activated my third eye crystal, healed a fissure and set my third eye to the perfect spin. She did this so that she could “Who I Was on All Levels of Beings!” By this experience I was able to give back to her my Complete Self so that she could experience Me. This was a total exchange of energies, We gave to each other equally. This feels right in every part of my Being and I am so grateful to this Beloved Mother Whale for her Presence in my life. My question is will I ever be able to top this One??? I certainly hope so for I will always spend my B-day with the Whales. Oh yes, my B-day is spent with the whales now for 5 years so far. I guess it was a miracle that the next two days were cancelled because of weather, for I was down in bed for those two days, only able to move a little and drink coconut water. The third day we were out again and I was feeling wonderful! This particular experience was the most incredible from this mother whale and I gratefully accept the gift of Light, Power, Expansion and Wisdom that she infused me with that special day. I haven’t been the same since. All doors are opening and my life is great!






If anyone is interested in seeing photo’s of the whales of Tonga or would like a trip to Tonga
to swim with these incredible Light Beings, please contact me.











These experiences I have shared with you so that you can see what activations were going on for on all these experiences I had the dolphin placenta bottle in my wet suit. So for all that have or will be able to use Haley’s Heart Song Essence, know that you will also be able to feel these energies too. I lovely and with gratitude to all hope you enjoy the Essence we have provided for everyone to share with us and all that you feel drawn to share with. I do hope you enjoyed the adventures with the whales and me.

With Love & Light,


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