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In Memory of My Dog Babaji

Babaji was one of the most special loving dogs I've ever had. I believe he was truly a Little Master here in animal form. I had Babaji for 14+ years. He was so gentle and kind and got me through so many trials in my life. He also would assist me when I'd do healing work on a client. He would sit under the table and help people to release their issues by taking the energy through his own body. He did this many times for me when I was having some stressful situations in my life.

The story about Babaji and the Portal is so significant and special, it’s a day all the participants in Joan Oceans seminar will never forget. Instead of rewriting the event, please read Joan's accounting of that day.

I know Babaji has never left me and is always guiding me. I believe he is able to work more with me now from the level he is at this moment. He was an amazing beautiful spiritual companion to me and I will never forget his Presence In My Life! Thank you so much My Little Master Friend!

Here is Joan's Account of that Inspiring Day!



The group convened at the Ranch at 9 a.m. People were hurrying to make tea, talking among themselves before beginning. Coming out of my office and into the kitchen, I saw there was a problem. People were comforting Celeste. She had just returned from the vet. Seeing me, she burst into tears and said that her dog, Babaji had been bleeding profusely when she awoke this morning. There was blood all over the van.

After listening to her very sad heartfelt experience, we went to the meditation room downstairs. Jack's group arrived and others. I put on some Constance Demby music to hold the energy as more people heard the story of Celeste's beloved dog. Sitting in our 42 chairs, I encouraged Celeste to explain her experience to the entire group. As she tearfully shared the frightening story of finding huge pools of blood on her bedspread, on the floor, on the carpeting and all around the house, everyone became tearful. Celeste described how Babaji kept sneezing and thereby showering blood all over the walls of her home. We were in shock hearing the graphic details of this hemorrhaging pet. People felt great compassion for Celeste and Babaji and certainly felt love for their own pets as well. Everyone was immersed in deep feelings.

At that moment, I received the message to, "Enter the Portal Now".


"Yes, Now!"

It was obvious that our circle had been brought together in a moment of compassion, love and Oneness. I then led the group into a meditation. In the silence, Celeste began to channel out loud. A beautiful message about letting go of the old, and going into the new. We interpreted the blood as a symbol of the blood of the Earth, and that her dog may be passing from physical form to spirit, and he was here to show us how to release our attachment to physical things and the old paradigm.

I don't recall all that she channeled through, but I knew every bit of it pertained to the Portal Opening. It was beautiful. Inspiring words of wisdom that applied to everyone here.

On the wings of compassion, the entire group was catalyzed through the celestial portal as I narrated the experience. Our love filled the Earth and ascended with us all into Higher Consciousness.


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