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Encounters with the Whales of Tonga - 2005


Our journey to Tonga started with seven of us leaving Kona to Honolulu where we picked up our 8th person. We, the “Luminous Vavau Vessels” as we chose for our group name, all traveled together, becoming a pod even before we arrived on the island of Vavau. This was a real blessing for us, as we began a special bonding, creating a beginning of a beautiful human whale pod.

Our trip together was all about “Birthing into the New Uncharted Territory, into Our Beingness.” Our blessings began with Alessandra’s Birthday. This started “Our Birthing Into Our Essence, Into Love, Light and Expansion”. Alessandra’s birthday fell exactly on our first day on the island and Celeste’s birthday marked our last day of our stay which represented our physical completion with those amazing, most wondrous and beautiful Beings, the connection with them continuing until now. They assisted us with becoming “Who we were always meant to be,” allowing us to release all that was no longer serving us and moving into our higher reality. This was really only the beginning of Our New Lives that were to open even further for us all.

Once this process began, we as a group became more bonded in an unconditional loving, joyous, heart-centered space with each other, sharing and becoming more of the vibrations of grace that the whales were transferring to us in every moment, whether we were on land or in the water. Their Essence was with us continually, as they would swim near and around our island home.

We were like the innocent child - new feelings of excitement, eyes wide open in wonderment of love and the newness of each moment. We laughed, shared, and released old patterns, cried out of joy of what our hearts and eyes beheld.

Two of the most amazing and beautiful experiences I would like to share with you.


Our very first contact with the magnificent whales on this trip was with two large whales which we named the “LOVERS” because of their deep affection towards each other. The first thing that came out of my mouth when seeing them was “You look just like my whales!” Well, later that night our guide and the owner of the resort said that they had never seen these whales here before and that they looked like our Pacific Humpback Whales which come between November and March to Hawaii to mate and give birth. A little shiver went up my spine as that was truly what I had also thought, but since we hadn’t seen the South Pacific Whales yet, I just shrugged it off. They were darker with no white on there stomachs like the South Pacific Whales. Well, it is my belief as well as others that somehow these beautiful ones had made their way down to see us! How they got there no one knows, yet there they were!

With these two giant manifestations of highly advanced Beings traveling beyond space and time right in front of our eyes we were just in awe being allowed to witness this miracle. We were able to enjoy and watch their amazing dance performance, entwining and spiraling up together, holding their peak fins in a loving, nurturing embrace just as you see in paintings. They were in a Double Helix formation over and over again. Interesting is that what the whales had told me before we arrived, was that they were going to activate the groups DNA and RNA - all twelve strands. Well, I do believe that this is what they were symbolizing for us as they danced and danced and spiraled up to the surface to meet our glances of amazement , with eye to eye contact, human and whale spirit to spirit, reminding us of our True Beingness.

At one point when I was watching one of them in front of me, I suddenly felt this immense energy below me and as I looked down I saw at a very short distance underneath me the other whale coming up towards me. All I could do was float above it. The beauty was that just before the whale surfaced it moved subtly to the side, so it would not hurt me with its giant tail. This was unbelievable how it was able to do this and yet miss me! It was not the first time I’ve had whales come so close when surfacing and yet never touch me. They are like the dolphins, they know exactly where they are at all times and will never hit or hurt you. The last thing they want is to scare you.

They have proved this over and over to me, so I know that we never have to be afraid of these Giant, yet Gentle Beings for they are purely Love and Nurturing Vessels for us to become the same, as they constantly model this to us. What a blessing to have had “My Humpback Whales come and visit with us.” Interesting, they haven’t been seen since. Lot’s to think about huh?

Our next fabulous experience was when we sighted a breaching whale in the distance. When we arrived to where they were they had stopped breaching, allowing us to enter the water. They turned out to be a Mom and Baby. We spend three hours with these blessed ones. The mom would hang, tail down head looking up at us, while the baby repeatedly came up to us, as the dolphins do. It would come up and check us out, then return to mom. There was this one precious moment, when the baby dove to mom and she put out her peaks as a mother would do and the baby went into her arms. It was so nurturing and serene to behold this loving embrace of love. The baby then became more familiar with us and began to play and enjoy its interaction with us humans. All the while mom just hung there peacefully and totally trusting us with her calf. Amazing how much they trust us after all that we have done to them and we still continue to endanger their lives with our irresponsible actions and navy sonar. What other beings would be this trusting?

Karen tried an experiment with the mom. She started putting her arms in front of her then to the side 3 or 4 times. As she did this the mom copied her movements. Now I am watching this happen and thinking, “Oh, my, this is so wonderful the movements she is making.” Later Karen said to me, “Do you think the mom was copying my movements?” I told her I didn’t even realize she was doing this with mom and “YES,” I believe this is what was happening. I also felt the mother was moving energies for the group.

Mom would then move from her resting position and slowly surface, hang with us, and at times make eye contact as she transmitted immense vibrations to us. If you have never had tons and tons of Love, Light and Nurturing surround you at a distance you can touch with your hand, then, you haven’t experienced the most Unbelievable, Sacred Blessing of All Times!!

There’s one thing for sure. Our journey from the United States to Vavau put us through some trials and major clearing in order for us to be prepared to enter the waters (major birthing pains!). We all had the incredible opportunity to release our old baggage, and like being on a pilgrimage, we were prepared for the changes and blessings that would be bestowed upon us. The release of old patterns and beliefs and the following expansion to higher levels was being shown to us and transmitted through symbols, feelings, thought-forms and dreams.

The entire group the “Luminous Vavau Vessels” has had transformations from the old to the new in our daily lives. We are challenged to be All That We Can Be in every moment and mahalo (thank you) to the Humpback Whales of Tonga.

I know, speaking for myself, my life has never been better, even when I continue to surrender the old to make room for the new. When I returned from Tonga in September, I thought I was going to be able to take some down time, write and get my information up on my web site. I found out the Whales, Dolphins and of course the Angels had more immediate plans for me! I am only getting these things accomplished now in January!

The whales soon sent me to Bali for the opening of the 11:11:11 in November. They only gave me four days notice to be there and as spirit directed me. Off I went. My roommate Alessandra joined me for the event. I was to be with Patricia Cota Robles who I have studied with for many years. Again I was allowed to feel her true God Self. We were so blessed to be able to be a part of the ceremony, as the Company of Heaven ascended into the atmosphere, you truly could feel and experience this as a Reality of Incredible Love and Light. The ceremony was assisted by Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel. We anchored in the Madonna Blue Flame of the feminine ray. I have now learned to follow spirit and guidance from the Beings of Light without hesitation. Now, it really feels good to be in this space. I’ll be writing about the event in the near future.

It would be my desire for all who would like to have this amazing heartwarming experience to join in on this remarkable transformational journey to Tonga’s Whales. Blessings to you all and may you always “Be True to Yourself and give Yourself the Gift of Yourself!”


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