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newHawaii’s “Lemurian Stargate Rainbow Bridge Gathering of the Tribe”
February 16 - 22, 2019





JUNE 15-19, 2019


SPECIAL GUEST: We are honored to have Matthew Bueno, a Shamanic Spiritual Teacher,
who lives in Mt. Shasta, sing and drum the group into a “Sacred Shamanic Journey.” 



We will be organically creating the Etheric Lemurian Stargate around Us and through Us so we can merge with our Lightbodies.  The Pleadians will activate our "SUPERCONSCIOUS” energies in the Quantum field! This is the purpose of our gathering together, as we re-unite once again as 5 D. Lemurians with our Lemurian Masters of Telos and other wonderful Telosians in Celebration of our Becoming "SUPERCONSCIOUS!”

The Rainbow Bridge goes from the Peaks of Hawaii to Mt. Shasta. It is actually a circle that we will be completing what we don’t see, that which has been hidden until now!

The Lemurian Temple is a Quantum Temple that lives in each of our Hearts…….

See Details Below


Aloha Nature Lovers!

I am inviting you to join me on my Spiritual venture to Mt. Shasta, to Lemuria, the realm of the God/Goddess of your Imagination,“ The Land Your Imagination has Forgotten!” Growing up in Red Bluff, an hour and half from Mt. Shasta, I spent much of my time there. I was very blessed to be able to see the Mountain everyday from where I lived. There has always been a warm and sacred special place in my Heart for the Mountain. 

I will be sharing how, I Remembered Lemuria as a Child and through my years in Lemuria, Mt. Shasta being part of Lemuria. I will be sharing my book,”Lemuria Remembered Through The Eye’s of a Child.” I now live in Kona Hawaii and it too is part of Lemuria, we will experience the connection between Hawaii and Mt. Shasta.

We will asking permission to be invited into Telos, the Inner City of the Mountain. “Telos” means,“Communicating with Spirit, Oneness with Spirit, Understanding with Spirit.” It was also the name of this whole area at this time, including California and a major part of the Southwest US, as well as land north of Mt. Shasta along the West Coast up to part of British Columbia.


You will be taken on a guided meditation to Journey into the Interior, the Mystic Land of Lemuria to meet the Lemurian Dreamers in the Golden Light Crystal Cities where the lived. They will help you Dream your Dream into Reality!!

Amazing experiences with the frequencies of Big Foot, UFO’s, Fairies, the Angelic Realm as well as the Dolphins and Whales will envelope US as we journey with them! I have been sharing with others the brilliance of the amazing Dolphins here in Kona for 22 years and the Humpback Whales a couple of years in the Dominican Republic and the last 13 years in the Kingdom of Tonga. They will BE with us while we are in Nature, as they Weave their love of the Mountain, of Lemuria, with the wonderful oceans frequencies in Hawaii!

You will be receiving the “Essence” of my 8th Dimensional Big Foot Guides as we invite the resident Big Foot Light Beings to join us in the sacred sights we will explore, along with the Fairies of the Mt. Shasta area, that are so eager to be joining us. As you can see this is All about “Nature” and how Nature is the key to support us on our Ascension Journey that is special for each one of us for our evolvement into our TRUE NATURE/SELF, as we become more of “Who We Are,” and “Why Are We Here!”

We will experience the “New Christed Timelines,” to assist in bringing in the New Christ Light Consciousness and New Earth Consciousness~~~~~

You will be receiving the:
 “Crystalline Whale Codes for HU-manity.” I received these codes during the “Birthing of the Golden Lemuria” Seminar here in Kona 2011!

 “Nagwal’s Cosmic Golden Rays.” He is an Ancient Cosmic Master Avatar Whale who was born 3 years ago in Tonga. My group and I watched his parents dance before us then to mate, knowing at that time as they mated and the breached that an Amazing Being of Light and Love was going to be born! My special groups each year and I have been meeting Nagwal since he was a month old.  Please read this amazing story when he was 1 month old, 
you can read more about Nagwal on my web site 2014. 

Crystallite, the Crystalline Dolphin of the Cosmic Platinum Rays will be assisting you on your path to Ascension. She came to me this year 2017 for this purpose during Grandma Chandra’s tele-seminar before I left for Tonga. She and Nagwal will weave their Golden and Platinum Rays together, merging our Masculine and Feminine frequencies of Love and Light to assist us in balancing our “TRUE NATURE,” that of Who We Truly Are! They both are very powerful BEINGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE and along with the balancing of the energies of Mt. Shasta/Mountain, Ancient Lemuria.

Then of coarse we will be experiencing whatever or whoever in Nature would like to come and join us showering us with their special “Essence.” 

Lemuria was really the cradle of civilization on the planet, the “MOTHERLAND,” that assisted in the eventual brith of many other civilizations. Atlantis came about at a later time. Lemuria thrived in a state of Paradise and Magic for a few million years.

In Love & Light,


Read some insights on this mystical place:

Metatron Channel - Mt. Shasta: 
by James Tyberonn in 2007



About Mt. Shasta

A stunning icon that dominates the landscape of Northern California, Mt. Shasta stands like a light beacon visible for hundreds of miles.

Indigenous tribes were naturally drawn to such a force of nature that displays white snowcaps for most of the year. Travelers from all over the world have flocked to the highly charged atmosphere for its inexplicable power to manifest strange and wonderful visions in certain individuals.

Legends have grown over the centuries about the mystical essences that permeate the entire mountain side and surrounding areas. Reports of meeting spiritual beings and having other worldly encounters seem to grow each year amongst those who are gravitated to this place.

Mt. Shasta, California
June 15th to June 19th

*Includes all gatherings 

*Lodging, food and transportation additional

$222 non-refundable deposit 
Balance due April 15th 2019

Conducted at the beautiful


See details regarding your accommodations below

Growing up in this vacinity I was exposed to my own experiences that include encounters with the nature spirits as well as the famous manifestation of St. Germain, best known of the many Ascended Masters, who has guided me on occasion for over forty years.
He has shown me aspects of myself through a Magical Sacred Vortex, that inspires one to go within to the deepest core of our Being. To reawaken our “True Natures”, to activate “Who We Really Are” and “Why We Are Here.”


I have been shown that in this majestic setting a pulsing of both Male and Female Divine Energy provides harmonic balance that aligns with Higher States of Consciousness where one might encounter the Marvelous Majestic, Mystical, Magical Sacred Vortex of inspiration.


My home in Kona, Hawaii, has a very profound and direct connection to Mt. Shasta as related to ancient Lemuria. This Ley line conduit of energy is supported and reinforced by my relationship with the dolphins and whales over these many years and will assist us (as a “pod”) in opening ourselves to the Sacred Inner City of Telos, home of the ancient Lemurians, those highly evolved spiritual beings who have chosen to assist us with our own ascension process.

~ ~ ~


Lodging at the beautiful luxury
Mt. Shasta Resort: 

Nestled at the base of beautiful Mount Shasta is one of Northern California's finest All-Season Resorts. . Tucked away in a forest overlooking Lake Siskiyou, Mount Shasta Resort allows privacy and seclusion.

Click here for the Mt. Shasta Resort Web Site

***You must make your own lodging reservations ASAP. Right now, there are chalets and rooms available … and of course, it is first come first served. Reserve ASAP the Woodland rooms to make sure they have rooms available  … reserve now! TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH  CELESTE EATON when you make your reservations.
[Please note that there are different choices for you. When you see the rates on the web site, they do not include the weekly rate for five nights stay, 13% taxes for each choice.]

Mt. Shasta Resort Rates:
Guest Room with 2 queen beds (Woodland Room)
Two queen beds plus spacious bath $179 plus 13% tax
One Bedroom Chalet: 
1 king bd/1 bath with kitchen & living room w fireplace $239 plus 13% tax
Two Bedroom Chalet:
(split to share with four)
2 bd/1 bath with kitchen & living room w fireplace; master has king bed; other bd has two twin beds; there is a queen sleeper sofa in the living room $299 plus 13% tax

*ROOMMATE? If you wish for me to arrange a roommate for you BEFORE reserving your lodging (so that you can share the room cost), please let me know asap.
808-323-2568 or email: CELESTE@CELESTIALSONICS.COM 

*ANOTHER LODGING OPTION: If you would like to stay at the B&B just five minutes away for slightly less room fee:

Shasta Starr Ranch Bed & Breakfast



Roommate and car sharing

If you would like to find a roommate and share a car, please give me permission to make your email available to others seeking to share. Some will be driving up from the San Francisco airport & Bay Area or some may fly into the Redding, California airport or Medford, Oregon airport, which are about a one hour drive to Mt. Shasta. Mt. Shasta is about a four and half hour drive from San Francisco on highway 5.


The resort has an excellent restaurant and all guests receive a 20% discount on all meals. Meals are self pay. I will make reservations for the whole group at the resort for some nights and at another fabulous restaurant in town for some nights so that we can all eat together. Of course, you may choose any restaurant you like as well.


Read this channelling by James Tyberonn for more insights on this magical place

Love and Light

PS. Here are links to my Tonga 2019 flyer and information:


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